The Third International Stock Enhancement & Searanching


The Steering Committee for the Third International Symposium on Stock Enhancement & Sea Ranching has established several levels of sponsorship to accommodate every budget. In addition, specific events/functions are available for sole sponsorships.

To view the sponsorship opportunities, click here. Please contact Steering Committee member, Jeanne McKnight, at or 206.443.8846 for additional information or to secure your sponsorship.

Platinum Sponsor

~~~~~~NOAA Fisheries Service

Silver Sponsor


~~~~~~~~Hatchery International ~~~~~~~~~Mote Marine Laboratory~

~~Northwest Marine Technology

Bronze Sponsors

~ ~~~~~~~~

`~~~~ Pacific Aquaculture Caucus ~~~Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission

~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~

~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!~~Hubbs-Sea World Research Institute

~~~~~ ~~~~~

~~~~Reviews in Fisheries Science ~~~~~~~~~~~Seattle Aquarium ~~


Supporting Sponsor

~~Alaska Sea Grant ~~~~~~~~~~~~Little Skookum Shellfish Growers LLC


~~Enfotran Corporation ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Tanaka Sanjiro Co., Ltd.


~Western Regional Aquaculture Center ~~~~~~The Gallatin Group