The International Symposium on Stock Enhancement & Searanching


Welcome to the International Symposium on Stock Enhancement and Sea Ranching website. The ISSESR series began in Norway in 1997. The series was stimulated by continuing concern over the decline of fisheries, coupled with emerging technologies in marine aquaculture and new efforts to quantify the effects of stocking aquacultured organisms into the sea. These symposia, which are held every 4 to 5 years, have connected scientists and others interested in the efficacy of using aquaculture to help sustain, replenish, enhance or investigate exploited fish and invertebrate populations.

In 2024, the 7th International Symposium on Stock Enhancement and Sea Ranching will be convened in Puerto Varas, Chile, on 5-8 November.
The venue of ISSESR7 is
Hotel Cabaña del Lago Convention Centre located at Klenner Street N° 195, 5550447, Puerto Varas, Los Lagos, Chile. See details about the Symposium on the ISSESR7 website.

PLEASE NOTE: ABSTRACTS for ISSESR7 are due by JuLY 31, 2024

Persistent degradation of supporting ecosystem services, climate-based impacts, and overfishing continue to constrain the productivity of many fisheries across the world. The development of aquaculture-based enhancement and habitat-based enhancement (ABE-HBE), where appropriate, is critical to ameliorating the impacts of these pressures and securing the social and economic benefits that these fisheries support. The evaluation of ABE and HBE and developing ecological, social and economic indicators of success is an important component of responsible stocking. This paradigm continues to develop, with aquaculture-based enhancement increasingly important for managing threatened populations of a wide array of aquatic species. This is the 7th ISSESR in the series of symposia that started in Norway (Bergen) in 1997, and since then has been held in Japan (Kobe), China (Shanghai), the United States (Seattle and Sarasota) and Australia (Sydney). More Background on this symposium series can be accessed here.

The Scientific Program of ISSESR7 will be composed of invited keynote presentations by world-renowned experts and oral and poster presentations contributed by the international scientific community. It will also include a focused session for research students and early career researchers.
We expect to elaborate an exciting and innovative program that will enable us to review, explore and further develop the scientific basis and practice of conservation aquaculture and fisheries enhancement sciences, with a focus on adapting to shared challenges associated with ecological and fishery restoration.

The website and registration platform are available HERE. The website contains detailed information on registration, registration fees, post-symposium field trip, logistical information, and important dates, among other information.
The registration and submission of abstracts to ISSESR7 will be done through the ISSESR7 platform.

We look forward to meeting you in Puerto Varas, Chile, in November 2024.

Steering Committee
ISSERS7 2024
5-8 November 2024
Puerto Varas, Chile